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If I could plug my brain into a machine

If I could plug my brain into a machine

March 14
4:24 PM 2005

In the subway. Ipod blaring in my ears. I can’t hear a thing around me. just this pounding music. so I’m watching everyone…. I see a strange response around me from many people. I take off an earbud and hear that we are now stuck in the middle of a fucking tunnel two full stories underneath the ground and we will be here for at least fifteen minutes because the train in front of us is broken… talk about a freak out. everyone is freaking out. standing up and trying to calm down… eventually people calm down. There is no way out…

I watch as everyone is reading their various things. a girl next to me is studying some textbook. And a girl across the way is reading some magazine article and a guy is reading some science fiction book and someone else is reading some technical manual for his job. And I’m thinking… I’m so sick of the way humanity still is… with this way we have to read everything…we’re so primitive. Still having to read and type. We’re just not getting it at all. we’re so not there. so totally unconvinced that this is the ultimate method for obtaining data, of downloading data into our internal hard drives of our brain. Its like we’re a bunch of cavemen still. each of us supposed to major in something so we can do that as our job and we have to sit here and read all this shit and learn it so we can do that as our job…. the matrix movie really had it with the whole concept of plugging in or jacking in and downloading whole knowledge banks into our brains. When will this happen? and why the fuck do I have to sit here and type? Its so fucking frustrating. So old school. So last century. There has to be a better way.

Just as mark twain used to have to sit and hand write and then later say tom Robbins had to sit and type on a typewriter we too are still totally trapped by our having to sit and type into a computer. If only I could plug my brain into a machine that would allow my thoughts to instantly transfer to the page…

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