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“Still finding myself obsessed with a quiet secret subtle and almost constant gnawing at my insides about the unbearable sadness of how impermanent everything is. Our lifetimes are short here. I remind myself that it is up to me to find meaning each day while I am here. I try to live my life to its fullest and even then I cannot shake the deep underlying knowing that they are all just moments lived and then soon forgotten. Where is the meaning in that?”        –from The Transcendence Diaries


Singer, songwriter, rockstar, recording artist, writer, author, activist, thinker, anti-populist blogger, and general raconteur Ed Hale is a hard man to keep up with. Affectionately called “The Ambassador” by friends and fans, many still remember Hale as Eddie Darling, the name he was introduced to the world with at age 17 upon the release of his debut album, EDDIE. But that was many years ago. Today he may be best known for the recent Billboard Top 40 singles “Scene in San Francisco” “I Walk Alone” and “New Orleans Dreams” — the former blasting up Billboard’s Adult Contemporary Top 30 Chart and staying there for over three months and counting, making Hale the “Most Active Independent Artist and Song” on the chart for sixteen weeks. All three songs from his 2012 solo album Ballad On Third Avenue.


Before that Hale was best known as the charismatic lead singer and guitarist of the popular Brit-pop/alt-rock group ED HALE AND THE TRANSCENDENCE, who also racked up a string of top 40 songs and albums throughout the two-thousands in the college radio, alternative and modern rock formats, especially songs like “Superhero Girl”, “Minnie Driver”, “Girls”, “Better Luck Next Time”, “I’m Not the Only One”, “Caetano”, “Somebody Killed the DJ”, “All This is Beginning to Feel Like an Ending” and many more. Hale simultaneously releases albums and tours both solo and with his band Ed Hale and The Transcendence. Their latest album, the celebration rock/garage pop styled THE GREAT MISTAKE hit radio and stores in early 2013 and skyrocketed to the #12 position on the CMJ Top 20 Most Added Chart in it’s first week and yielded two hit singles, “Monday” and “Baby Bop”.


After a tour of major American cities in 2012, Hale and his Transcendence bandmates Fernando Perdomo, Roger Houdaille, Ricardo Mazzi, and Bill Sommer, along with a host of longtime friends and collaborators of the band, spent three years in recording studios in New York City, Seattle and Los Angeles working to complete the follow up album to Ballad On Third Avenue. They ended up recording a total of 37 songs that turned into 4 new albums, So For Real, Born To Lose, Another Day in the Apocalypse and Welcome to the Rest of the World.


Ed Hale has also become well known in the last ten years for his very special brand of outspoken albeit controversial social activism and civil service, traveling the world either as a Civilian Diplomat in search of peace or on work trips that provide relief for various charities. He’s one of a handful of Americans who have been allowed into Iran in the last thirty years to meet with political and religious leaders (2009) and his latest trip was a fact-finding and peace mission to Israel/Palestine. Google or Wikipedia provide more detailed information about these endeavors.


Hale is also a prolific writer, though strangely guarded about it. He is the author of numerous magazine and newspaper articles in a variety of fields both fiction and non-fiction, in addition to his long-running blog, The Transcendence Diaries, which have been posting regularly since 2001. It’s been said that he’s been working on twenty-two different books for the last twenty years but he’s never released one, choosing instead to constantly rework them (Hale has claimed more than once that he feels severely insecure about his abilities as a writer). It’s no secret that he speaks six languages and is a serial entrepreneur who has owned numerous companies over the last twenty years in a variety of industries from multi-media to health and anti-aging to the music business to apparel.


Hale’s entire musical catalog is available at music stores and retailers worldwide and everywhere music is sold online including Apple Music and the iTunes Music Store, Amazon.com, Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM, Tidal, LastFM, iLIke. He is currently signed to Fieldhouse Music/BMG, Cherry Lane Music, and the Dying Van Gogh record label.


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