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June 2017
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Category "Television"

    Little House On the Prairie Versus Contemporary Society

Little House On the Prairie Versus Contemporary Society

So there it is. Another Sunday waving goodbye. I've come to enjoy this ritual of ending the day w/ an episode or 2 of Little House On the Prairie. Purchased the entire Season 1, as I've never seen it. What comes to mind most often while watching it, along with hundreds of other thoughts, is just how much society, hence [...]

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    Buying Selling and Trading Your Digital Media

Buying Selling and Trading Your Digital Media

A few years back I posted an article here suggesting that the television industry needed to institute a radical change in programming and release full seasons of shows all at once instead of sticking to the old model of one episode per week and that they could even charge a premium for it because consumers were changing how they wanted [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔03-05-2015
    Aaron Sorkin Hits Another Grandslam with New Newsroom

Aaron Sorkin Hits Another Grandslam with New Newsroom

HBO's original series NEWSROOM is far and away the most intelligent program on television. Anywhere. Perhaps of all time. Several thoughts come to mind. Number one: Granted, this used to be a rather easy thing to say of course -- if one ever had the opportunity (rare) to encounter an intelligent program on TV in days past, because TV used to [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔12-01-2014
    New Cosmos Big On Visuals But Something Missing

New Cosmos Big On Visuals But Something Missing

We're three episodes into the global premier of the eagerly anticipated remake of Carl Sagan's scientific documentary masterpiece, Cosmos. Word of it spread quickly through the various worlds of the literati and public alike. Over thirty years have passed. So.... Not only have scientific discoveries evolved, almost exponentially, leaving much new to cover, but so too has the technology [...]

2 comments Read Full Article 🕔04-07-2014
    Television an Impetus and Sign of the Decay of Society’s Morals & Values

Television an Impetus and Sign of the Decay of Society’s Morals & Values

Prologue: The start of the new year marks the beginning of year three of my exploration of American television. As many long time readers have noted lately, The Transcendence Diaries never talked about television in all the years it's been running. Thousands of pages and a full decade into this experiment, not one television show was ever mentioned until recently. That's because for the longest time I [...]

2 comments Read Full Article 🕔02-14-2014
    New Girl is Getting Old

New Girl is Getting Old

Cult hit Fox TV show NEW GIRL used to be a blast. It's first season especially. Wild carefree random unexpected quirkiness with that who cares attitude that only Generation Y can provide. Zoe was cute in a sort of dorky kindergarten teacher sort of way. And her three man crew made great sidemen each offering their own special bran of [...]

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Exploring Psychism, Honoring Our Intuition and a Glimpse into the Coming Global Revolution

PSYCHISM: a doctrine that there is a fluid universally diffused and equally animating all living beings This is just more a check in or a follow up more than anything. At least it started out as that. As usual we've gone in a hundred different directions by the time it's finished. But I only know this because I am in the [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔08-09-2013

Late Night TV

Timestamp 3:50 am PST. Still disturbed. Woke up from an hour of sleep and have laid here for a little under an hour. As I do every night, just after puttinf the Princess and every one else to bed and then writing for a few hours I flipped on the television to lull me sleep last night. Over the last [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔01-13-2013

The Moment Fishy Became a Writer…

Heard a more than decent song this evening during the ending credits roll of an old TV show I am currently having a mild obsession with, a little something called The Riches starring Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard. Yes you read that right. Turns out the pair teamed for a one hour drama for the FX network back in '06 [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔01-04-2013

America’s Telling Untold History

A slow starter, Oliver Stone's 12 part Showtime series entitled The Untold History of The United States should nonetheless be mandatory viewing for all American citizens young and old, especially those who enthusiastically wave patriotic flags right or left, or speak of American exceptionalsim. When cast under a bright truthful light, the only thing exceptional about the last sixty years of [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔12-12-2012

The Untold History of America :: a review

Current Screening: The Untold History of the United States I eagerly watched the first 3 parts of Oliver Stone's much anticipated new documentary film that were available so far on Showtime last night, expecting some real eye opening moments. As much as I love and admire Ollie, I must confess there wasn't one untold fact to be had in all three [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔11-28-2012

Dumbing Down Through Polarization

This evening CNN, in a wanton attempt to feel a part of the Personal Expression Age's current social media craze, was posting madly on it's Facebook Page during the 2012 Presidential Debate. One such post -- besides the most inane of them all, "Who do you think won tonight's debate?" as if it were a local rugby match -- read, [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔10-17-2012

The Last Leader Standing, or Those Who Dare Speak Out

Monday's Piers Morgan interview with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad offered plenty of thrills, chills and excitement for American viewers of all ages, especially the uneducated and paranoid among them, which includes most of America when it comes to the country of ancient Persian, modern day Iran. For those in the know -- Morgan clearly not in that circle (though one [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔10-01-2012

The Renaissance of American Television

Tonight aired a special 2 hour season finale of the new hit television series TOUCH starring Kiefer Sutherland. What makes TOUCH special is not just that it hosts smart intelligent writing, or that it's focus is on helping people to make the world a better place -- definite rarities in the history of American television (there's a reason why they [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔05-31-2012

Mike Wallace You Will Be Remembered and Revered For Many Years to Come

It's household news by now in the United States at least that 60 Minutes News Anchorman Mike Wallace passed away this past weekend. He hosted the show for more than 40 years and before that he was a host, announcer, journalist and even an actor since the mid-1950s. I personally have such a strong sense of Mike Wallace within me [...]

1 comment Read Full Article 🕔04-08-2012