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    Aaron Sorkin Hits Another Grandslam with New Newsroom

Aaron Sorkin Hits Another Grandslam with New Newsroom

HBO's original series NEWSROOM is far and away the most intelligent program on television. Anywhere. Perhaps of all time. Several thoughts come to mind. Number one: Granted, this used to be a rather easy thing to say of course -- if one ever had the opportunity (rare) to encounter an intelligent program on TV in days past, because TV used to [...]

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You’ve Been Warned –The Coming New American Revolution

It is illegal for TV networks to raise the volume of commercials higher than the shows they air. For obvious reasons. (It wouldn't be fair to the TV shows, giving the commercials a higher priority would lift the disguise that television networks exist to entertain rather than generate profits for shareholders.) So what they do instead is flip on a [...]

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Exploring Psychism, Honoring Our Intuition and a Glimpse into the Coming Global Revolution

PSYCHISM: a doctrine that there is a fluid universally diffused and equally animating all living beings This is just more a check in or a follow up more than anything. At least it started out as that. As usual we've gone in a hundred different directions by the time it's finished. But I only know this because I am in the [...]

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    Hype Is Dead

Hype Is Dead

Scroll down below this post just to have a look at the email that was forwarded to me so you have a rough idea of what I am referring to in this post. What you'll see is a very typical "2000s"-type ad that promises the moon and stars to prospective entrepreneurs looking for leads. What they're selling is not important. [...]

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Pimping On Social Media

Can't sleep. Princess Little Tree has been gone for three days now. I find it surprising that though it's only been 8 months that we have been living together full time (I do not presently travel back and forth to NYC on a regular basis as was usual), there are so many things that seem different and difficult without her [...]

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Snowden and Hastings Signal a New Darkened America

        As NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden continues his escape from the hands of United States government officials abroad -- he left Hong Kong for Moscow on Sunday reports say -- news is continuing to leak about possible foul play in the auto accident that killed Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings. One can read the article here. (No need to rehash [...]

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James Gandolfini and the 8 Foods We Eat in America That Are Banned in Other Countries

The news that Sopranos actor James Gandolfini had died on Wednesday hit most Americans with at least a little surprise. Death does that. It's so permanent. As sad as the event is to some, if not everyone, (especially those close to the man one assumes), there was an odd sense of something uncannily not surprising about it. (I only [...]

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    Why Promote Your Status Update? Exploring the Personal Expression Age

Why Promote Your Status Update? Exploring the Personal Expression Age

I now notice that Facebook is offering a Promote button on personal profiles, where for a few quid more you can advert your status updates to receive more attention/exposure. (I've promised a new blog entry to The Transcendence Diaries daily from now on, as in days of old, so if any status update goes beyond 4 lines I turn it [...]

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One Battle Out of Many Abated

It's 3:30 am. Slightly more than the usual insomnia. So rather than "writing" -- that sacred act once studied and revered of sitting down to participate in the art and craft of honing one's ideas with the written word into something potentially coherent, permanent and hopefully even beautiful and admired for all the world to see for an eternity, something [...]

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Seeking a Silver Lining

It took a while but it finally happened. IT happened. Maybe it's a good thing... When it happens to us it often hurts... So we resist it. We often label it "bad" and thus put it off, or even when it does happen we continue to label it bad, which then prevents us from seeing the good in it. A [...]

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The Untold History of America :: a review

Current Screening: The Untold History of the United States I eagerly watched the first 3 parts of Oliver Stone's much anticipated new documentary film that were available so far on Showtime last night, expecting some real eye opening moments. As much as I love and admire Ollie, I must confess there wasn't one untold fact to be had in all three [...]

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Going Deep

Last Screening: RED LIGHTS The movie RED LIGHTS starring Sigourney Weaver and Robert Deniro (in a role custom tailored for him) is a semi-suspenseful thrill-ride clocking in at just under two hours about paranormal phenomenon. The whole time I was watching the film I noticed a slight uneasiness within, something I am not unaccustomed to when watching mainstream Hollywood movies. I [...]

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Dumbing Down Through Polarization

This evening CNN, in a wanton attempt to feel a part of the Personal Expression Age's current social media craze, was posting madly on it's Facebook Page during the 2012 Presidential Debate. One such post -- besides the most inane of them all, "Who do you think won tonight's debate?" as if it were a local rugby match -- read, [...]

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Facebook’s Success

Facebook's success can be traced to its ingenious evolution into a public instant gratification machine that appeals to humanity's most basic and primal pleasure triggers, accessible to all, for free, from nearly any and all platforms. Need a little attention? Post a status update. It doesn't matter what it says. After someone posts a status update, just underneath it immediately [...]

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Still Wondering Why Occupy?

Started keeping a list of all the things that are still wrong, compromised or challenged in the United States. We've made plenty of progress in our short 230 years as a nation. But we've also got plenty of miles to go. Just when you thought it might be safe to go back in the water... DUN NUH! Big sharks, better [...]

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