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June 2017
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Category "Personal Life"

    Songwriting in Your Sleep

Songwriting in Your Sleep

A funny thing has been transpiring lately. Something completely unexpected and almost supernatural in a way. If there is any "one thing" that I do well, out of the thousands and thousands of things we do or learn to do or are forced to do while we're journeying here in the earthly realm -- for surely every person possesses such [...]

2 comments Read Full Article 🕔04-27-2015

Love Means Letting Them Go

That time has come, as we all knew it would. But it seemed like only yesterday that we were still a family sitting around the dining table talking about things like "college" and "boys" as if they were mysterious visions of a future far far away. First our oldest went off to college. Two years ago. It was a change [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔09-12-2014
    Suicide Solution

Suicide Solution

The living may not "like" it, but suicide is not necessarily "bad or "wrong"... I Hold on to your bootstraps because we're going to rapid-fire this one, due to the fact that my wife has issued a personal challenge to me to finish at least one of the 22 different books I've started in the course of my short adventurous life. I've [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔08-30-2014
    The Need for Peaceful Reconciliation

The Need for Peaceful Reconciliation

It's getting bad now. All over the world. Protests and marches in the streets of New York, London, Paris, South Africa, Berlin, Sydney and many more cities across the globe -- all protesting against the incredibly shocking loss of innocent lives at the hands of Hamas and Israel. As I posted yesterday, it's not just our Palestinian friends we should [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔08-10-2014

Reflections on Marriage

According to Princess Little Tree, there's nothing in the world that I haven't written about in the Transcendence Diaries over the last 12 years. I have no way of confirming that of course, but it has occurred to me more than once that I have been pretty silent on the subject of marriage. That's actually been a rather deliberate intention. [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔08-08-2014

Using Social Media as a Launching Pad as a Creative

I've noticed over the last few years that I have been more and more prone to use posts on social media as a jumping off platform for Transcendence Diaries entries. As I was typing the above I remembered that long before the advent of Facebook Tumblr and Twitter, I was already using these Diaries as a means to communicate regularly [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔08-07-2014

On Munich: War and Peace in Israel and Palestine

A brilliant day. Princess Little Tree spent most of the day together just enjoying each other's company; doing things together that we haven't in too long of a while. I shared some of my current research with her. The A440 versus 432 conspiracy. And a lot of the sacred geometry and ancient knowledge stuff I've been studying over the last [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔07-11-2014
    Dude, Astrology? Really?

Dude, Astrology? Really?

The other day I happened to post something to FB regarding this new reading I got from this new astrologer I discovered by the name of, get this, Carole Devine. Yes that IS in fact her real name. And yes you should definitely look her up if 1, astrology is your thing and you're looking for a good or 2, [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔05-23-2014

Moving Back to New York

We knew we would be moving back to New York this fall. This Seattle thing was always temporary. I didn't mind giving up the bi-coastal living arrangement for a spell because I knew it would be for less than a year, and truth be told I don't care how many celebrities do it, bi-coastal living is just plain hard. In [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔03-08-2014

Giving Up Fear for Lent

"Eighty percent of all choices are based on fear. Most people don't choose what they want; they choose what they think is safe." ~ Phil McGraw [Caveat: Like nearly everything any of us utter, the above sentiment is only as true as the speaker and perceiver believe it to be. We've established that long ago. Besides the absolute basics -- I am. [...]

3 comments Read Full Article 🕔03-06-2014
    Bouncing Back When Flat — Ed Hale Opens Up in New Book and Interview

Bouncing Back When Flat — Ed Hale Opens Up in New Book and Interview

Earlier this year Ed Hale gave an in-depth interview with the website, where he opens up more about his music, business, spiritual and personal life than ever before. The interview also makes mention of the potential release of a new book entitled Bouncing Back When Flat. The interview is being reprinted here for Transcendence Diaries readers in its entirety with permission from the owners. Original [...]

1 comment Read Full Article 🕔02-25-2014
    True Love Finds the Honeymoon Never Over

True Love Finds the Honeymoon Never Over

It occurred to me a few days ago actually, the question of whether or not the honeymoon phase of new love can last forever, or just how long it does last. The real question in that moment as I pondered was more to the point of just how long does this phase of feeling madly and blindly in love last and [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔01-06-2014

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

It doesn't appear that everything always works out for us just the way we want it to. It's taken me a long time to say thing. Because it's taken me a long time to think this thought. Only up until recently had it ever occurred to me. It seems to come in waves, good things and bad. Something good here, some [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔12-23-2013
    Celebrating Lennon

Celebrating Lennon

Nelson Mandela wasn't the only public figure to pass away into the great unknown this week. Legendary singer songwriter activist and artiste extraordinaire John Lennon also made the journey just yesterday in fact when a crazy schizophrenic shot him down right outside his apt on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. Only it was 33 years ago. But that doesn't [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔12-10-2013
    Trying to Get to Israel Through Prague

Trying to Get to Israel Through Prague

It's Monday I think. Or Tuesday. Honestly I have no idea. Last time I was able to post here, we were stuck inside of the JFK airport in New York. Since then, Delta Airlines has flown our small group all over the planet in it's quest to get about 18 of us to Israel. Evidently one flight got cancelled. The [...]

1 comment Read Full Article 🕔10-07-2013
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