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June 2017
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Category "Religion Spirituality"

    Dark Matter: Believing in the Impossible

Dark Matter: Believing in the Impossible

Over the last thirty odd years, since as early as I can remember even in childhood, I have noticed that a peculiar phenomenon exists within the consciousness of most people we share the world with, no matter their age, nationality, religion, class or financial situation. Even those considered "intelligent" doesn't seem to prevent them from operating from this perspective most of [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔07-10-2016
    Science Does Not Negate the Supernatural

Science Does Not Negate the Supernatural

Listening to Jesus Christ Superstar this morning. The Broadway Show album, versus the movie version that I'm more familiar with. Must say it was cool to hear Ian Gillian singing Jesus. Though for the most part I still enjoy the movie version the best. There's this one section when Judas is singing, after Jesus is captured and he calls out to [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔06-26-2016
    Songwriting in Your Sleep

Songwriting in Your Sleep

A funny thing has been transpiring lately. Something completely unexpected and almost supernatural in a way. If there is any "one thing" that I do well, out of the thousands and thousands of things we do or learn to do or are forced to do while we're journeying here in the earthly realm -- for surely every person possesses such [...]

2 comments Read Full Article 🕔04-27-2015
    Removing the Cross from Christendom

Removing the Cross from Christendom

In the days before the time of Jesus, when Israel was under roman rule and occupation, killing people was a common practice. One could be executed or "put to death" for any number of countless reasons. (One might observe the similarities to some modern day Middle Eastern countries in today's world, sadly.) There were used a variety of different methods [...]

4 comments Read Full Article 🕔04-04-2015

What the Afterlife is Like

I've said it before and will continue to say it until the majority realize it: atheists are just as zealot, just as religious as religionists such as Christians or Hindus or Muslims. They have no proof for what they believe. Only an idea of the absence of proof on the other side. Therefore their entire belief structure is based on [...]

1 comment Read Full Article 🕔09-28-2014
    Suicide Solution

Suicide Solution

The living may not "like" it, but suicide is not necessarily "bad or "wrong"... I Hold on to your bootstraps because we're going to rapid-fire this one, due to the fact that my wife has issued a personal challenge to me to finish at least one of the 22 different books I've started in the course of my short adventurous life. I've [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔08-30-2014
    The Difference Between Healthy Fantasy and Dangerous Cults

The Difference Between Healthy Fantasy and Dangerous Cults

A group of wide-eyed young Mormons stopped by the other day. I couldn't help but come into contact with them, for I was already outside, doing some writing and enjoying a good cigar. They seemed like nice enough guys and there was no way I was going to get away with not at least having to say hello to them. [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔08-18-2014

Quick Notes on the Real Origins of Humankind and the God Concept

Haven't pieced these thoughts together yet. Just note taking. But thought it better to copy and paste here rather than not. (I am literally sitting on hundreds and hundreds of pages in various places on my phone or hard drives that have not yet made it to the Transcendence Diaries. So in order to prevent that from continuing to happen, [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔08-04-2014
    Questions Regarding the Latest Theories on the Origins of Humankind

Questions Regarding the Latest Theories on the Origins of Humankind

Four to five weeks ago I got this idea to start listening to specific brainwave stimulating tones while sleeping in order to up my cerebral potential and increase certain aspects of consciousness. My first thought was to purchase a few Hemisync programs from The Monroe Institute, believing them to still be the leading researchers in brainwave manipulation. But after a [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔07-30-2014

Israel and Gaza: The Game Changer

Time has passed since this war begun fifteen days ago. Another 70 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed, making the estimated death till now over 300. And another 2,500 at least are injured. Just as concerning over 100,000 Gazans have led their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs in an attempt to head to a United Nations [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔07-22-2014

Does Matter Come From Mind? Or Mind Come From Matter?

A note: The post below is based on a variety of information sources and data taken from throughout human history and studied and researched over the last 25 years. The reader is assumed to have already encountered and studied the majority of this information. If one encounters something that they're not familiar with, a suggestion might be to take a [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔07-03-2014

Left Does Not Equal Atheist, Religious Does Not Equal Right

Surprising for a society that is used to the 24 hour news cycle and to only relegating 15 minutes of fame for each major story no matter how important or big -- 48 hours later and people of all ages colors and creeds are still bombarding social media with posts lambasting the United States Supreme Court for their ruling on [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔07-02-2014

The Problem with The Bible Code

As impressive and exciting as The Bible Code is -- and it certainly is that and more -- there's one major fundamental flaw with the whole paradigm. Using computer programs now -- as compared to doing it by hand as the innovative first researchers did in the 1940s -- they simply type in their search term, e.g. a word or [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔06-25-2014
    Dude, Astrology? Really?

Dude, Astrology? Really?

The other day I happened to post something to FB regarding this new reading I got from this new astrologer I discovered by the name of, get this, Carole Devine. Yes that IS in fact her real name. And yes you should definitely look her up if 1, astrology is your thing and you're looking for a good or 2, [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔05-23-2014
    Don’t Hate the Atheist — Love Them

Don’t Hate the Atheist — Love Them

It's easy to feel insulted when one hears a callous derogatory remark made about God or religion when one is a believer. It's a natural reaction. Even if we ourselves aren't perfect in our faith -- we'll get to that problematic concept of "faith" later -- and/or struggle with our beliefs, if we are a practicing or actively religious or [...]

1 comment Read Full Article 🕔05-15-2014
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