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June 2017
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Category "Nature"

    The Biology of the Changing Seasons

The Biology of the Changing Seasons

The sun is out white hot and bright today; the sky near perfectly flawlessly clear and brilliant blue. It's a sharp contrast to the freezing temperatures, gray overcast skies and constant onslaught of snow we've been experiencing for almost a week in the Northeast. But one would do well not to be fooled by this recent change in the weather, [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔03-07-2015

Does Matter Come From Mind? Or Mind Come From Matter?

A note: The post below is based on a variety of information sources and data taken from throughout human history and studied and researched over the last 25 years. The reader is assumed to have already encountered and studied the majority of this information. If one encounters something that they're not familiar with, a suggestion might be to take a [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔07-03-2014

Eggs: What the hell are they?

Was thinking tonight about eggs. We eat eggs. But what the hell are they? I couldn’t sleep from thinking about it. so I had to get up in bed and make a note. it is such a gross thought when you really just start thinking about it. an egg... isn't that the fetus of an animal? So where the hell [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔01-05-2005


Went to the dinosaur museum today for a few hours. There is something there we are not getting yet. the earth without man? Or man’s consciousness? The entire world and whole universe without intelligent consciousness? Frankly I don't believe it. call me anthropomorphic, or whatever that word is that defines when people project humanity onto everything, but I do not [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔01-04-2005

Ancient and mythical

Today we woke up early and went to the Oregon coast to see a few clearcuts. Acres of ancient forests cut down and completely devastated. The girl who has been my guide on this journey, Polly, started to cry when we saw it. I had more of an intellectual response and just started brainstorming about what could actually be done [...]

0 comment Read Full Article 🕔12-21-2004