THE TRANSCENDENCE DIARIES are celebrating their 12th year online and ever since the very first post in 2001 the site has been 100%funded through subscriptions and donations from readers like you. With the readership The Diaries have amassed over the years, if every person who stops by to read today’s post subscribed or donated — just once a year, we could guarantee that The Transcendence Diaries will be up and thriving for another twelve years to come. Donations and subscriptions pay the salaries of all the super cool people who work here everyday to make The Diaries what they are today. In 2014 we plan on hiring a few more much-needed staff members to come on board. So if you aren’t yet a subscriber but love the site, please take a moment to do so now. If subscribing isn’t your thing (subscriptions offer you the benefit of receiving each new post directly in your inbox as soon as they are posted), but you still want to contribute, please consider donating instead. Any amount you feel is fair is more than appreciated! Use the handy buttons below.

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Over the years we’ve received a steady flow of comments and questions from readers about THE TRANSCENDENCE DIARIES, how they came to be and how they are funded. Many wonder how The Transcendence Diaries first came about and who is involved in the project. This information can be easily found by heading to the About page here.  Others want to know how they can subscribe or donate. Subscriptions are easy. Simply head to the Subscribe Page here. It’s that easy.

Since their inception The Transcendence Diaries have always been a non-profit labor of love, a social and literary experiment more than a business. Advertisements have always been kept to a minimum. If at any time advertisements are perceived to potentially get in the way of content or the user experience, they are cut out of the equation. There are numerous possible boxes all over a blog’s design template that allow for ad placement in contemporary blogs. Mainstream blogs and social networks are full of them. Their primary purpose is to generate a ton of revenue for owners and shareholders — rather than increase the enjoyment of the user experience. Nearly all of those have been deleted from The Transcendence Diaries over the years to make room for more content AND more clean space to allow the site to breathe more. The goal being to make the site 100% ad-free and generate a thought provoking and moving experience for the reader. Donations help tremendously. In fact subscriptions and donations are the ONLY way to make this possible.

YOU can help us in this goal and help continue to keep The Diaries up and running for another 12 years by simply subscribing or donating. In the spirit of what is commonly called shareware or freeware, the amount you choose to pay, and how often you do so, is completely up to YOU. You may decide to donate once, monthly or annually. That decision is yours. Regardless of how much or how often you choose to donate, any contribution is greatly appreciated. Each and every one goes a long way to assure that The Transcendence Diaries will continue to post regularly for years to come. Use the handy buttons above or below. And more than anything, thank you for being a loyal reader!

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