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The TRANSCENDENCE DIARIES have been online since the very first one appeared in 2001. But of course you probably already knew that. With over 6,000 pages uploaded and more being added every week, The Diaries have been a pet project for a small and dedicated group of artists and programmers for over eleven years now. It is a mammoth project borne out of a sincere labor of love for art, literature, techy innovation and personal expression. Considering the countless hours that have been invested into keeping it up and running and the numerous upgrades and improvements that have been added through the years, it would have to be. And YOU are definitely part of that equation. We wouldn’t continue to do it if weren’t for YOU, the reader.

There are two primary ways that you can contribute to The Transcendence Diaries: a standard subscription at the suggested price, either monthly or annually; or a one-time donation. The subscription fees are suggested. We would certainly never be able to fund this project for as long as we have without reader donations and subscriptions. And the last thing in the world we want to do is fill every page of the site up with boxes, banners and ads. Thus we count on the fact that some readers choose to contribute larger dollar amounts and some just choose to pay the suggested subscription fee. Some cannot afford to contribute anything at all. That’s okay. We’ve never wanted a subscription fee, or the lack of one, to prevent someone from being able to access the content. That’s why subscribing is optional.

Another option to make a one-time donation. It may be easier. Or more affordable. Either way it still gives you a subscription to the site whereby each new entry is immediately sent to your inbox as soon as it is posted. The amount you donate is totally up to YOU. EVERY subscription and donation we receive is greatly appreciated and helps keep the wheels spinning and the bills paid. They also confirm for us that “there are others like us” out there.

Simply click either the SUBSCRIBE or the DONATE buttons below and fill in any dollar amount you feel comfortable with. It’s that easy. And on behalf of everyone who works to keep The Transcendence Diaries an artistic presence in the world, thank you.

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