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    Dark Matter: Believing in the Impossible

Dark Matter: Believing in the Impossible

Over the last thirty odd years, since as early as I can remember even in childhood, I have noticed that a peculiar phenomenon exists within the consciousness of most people we share the world with, no matter their age, nationality, religion, class or financial situation. Even those considered "intelligent" doesn't seem to prevent them from operating from this perspective most of [...]

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    Joel Osteen Teaches Avatar and Abraham Hicks

Joel Osteen Teaches Avatar and Abraham Hicks

Over the weekend I was watching the excellent "Ascent of Money" documentary, when in the corner of my eye I spotted another video that also looked interesting; several in fact. Even though I was completely entrenched in The Ascent of Money movie, I didn't want to forget about this other one that caught my eye. So as not to miss it, [...]

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