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    Removing the Cross from Christendom

Removing the Cross from Christendom

In the days before the time of Jesus, when Israel was under roman rule and occupation, killing people was a common practice. One could be executed or "put to death" for any number of countless reasons. (One might observe the similarities to some modern day Middle Eastern countries in today's world, sadly.) There were used a variety of different methods [...]

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    The Need for Peaceful Reconciliation

The Need for Peaceful Reconciliation

It's getting bad now. All over the world. Protests and marches in the streets of New York, London, Paris, South Africa, Berlin, Sydney and many more cities across the globe -- all protesting against the incredibly shocking loss of innocent lives at the hands of Hamas and Israel. As I posted yesterday, it's not just our Palestinian friends we should [...]

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    The Right of Self Defense in New Israel

The Right of Self Defense in New Israel

Last week our house was broken into. It appeared to be two or three men. Not 100% sure. It was dark and It happened fast. But as they fired their weapons off in my house I was lucky enough to be able to fire off a few rounds as well, which quickly got them scared and running. They fired a [...]

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    Questioning the Morality of Self Defense In Israel

Questioning the Morality of Self Defense In Israel

I know a lot of you have been patiently waiting for me to speak out openly and honestly about what we have been witnessing in Gaza, that you've been hoping I would for a moment lay down the gauntlet of Libran fairness and Ambassador-driven diplomacy and just speak my mind about the horrors we have been witness to in Gaza. [...]

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Israel and Gaza: The Game Changer

Time has passed since this war begun fifteen days ago. Another 70 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed, making the estimated death till now over 300. And another 2,500 at least are injured. Just as concerning over 100,000 Gazans have led their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs in an attempt to head to a United Nations [...]

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    (Not So) Happy Birthday To Me

(Not So) Happy Birthday To Me

It's 6 am Sunday morning here. I've been home for a little more than 24 hours and still extremely jet-lagged; fell asleep at 7 or 8 o'clock last night and finding myself completely awake by 2 or 3 in the morning. I've been lying here since 3 am, in and out of light lucid dreams or reading with a flashlight [...]

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    Headed to Israel

Headed to Israel

Friday October 4th 2013 On the plane now. Have to fly from Seattle, WA to Newark, NJ, then take a car into the City. Will be staying with Boo Boo Kitty, at her apartment in Midtown, for the night and then meeting the group tomorrow at the JFK. From what I understand we are flying directly to Tel Aviv. A non-stop flight, which [...]

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    Syria: Another Piece of the Puzzle Coming Together

Syria: Another Piece of the Puzzle Coming Together

It took a while. Getting to the truth isn't a simple one off affair. We usually cannot get there sitting in front of the tube listening to what employees of giant corporatocracies have been ordered to report or recite, i.e. newscasters, anchormen, et al. One can say the same about mainstream magazines and newspapers as well, though print journalism usually [...]

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Peace Mission to Israel/Palestine Officially Booked

Posted in Facebook earlier today "Anyone know why Israel is declaring that in order to negotiate peace with Palestine that it needs to be "formally recognized as a Jewish State"? I don't get it. Aren't there Jews, Christians AND Muslims living there already? I received a ton of comments as would be expected. Israel is one of those hot button [...]

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On the Reasons for The Decline of American Influence in the Modern World part 1

A reply comment from a recent Facebook comment thread that started with a wall post question that read: "Ron Paul just interviewed on CNN. Brilliant man. Only candidate who appears to be truly committed to American national soveriegnty & Constitutional values. But why? Why is Ron Paul the last man standing willing to defend these ideals publicly? Everyone already knows [...]

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The Origin of BED PEACE 2008

The problem was how to celebrate New Years Eve respectfully with all of the recent violence, turmoil, and humanitarian crises happening around the world, especially the brutal battle going on in Gaza and Palestine. To do the usual party to party scene all night just didn't seem appropriate at the time... considering... the idea just grew from there... from that [...]

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So just what color is Barack Obama?

From: xxxxxxxxxx Sent: Thursday, June 05, 20088:50 AM To: Fishy Subject: obama & iran   Hi Fishy, I found this in the NYT online this morning... this must come as a shock to you... and how doesyour friend who works for Obama feel about that?? R things changing now that he has the nomination? (haven't had time to go investigate exactly what he said [...]

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Fishy announces a new non-profit project —

A personal message from Fishy Thank you for visiting for those of you have already written to me about it. Your presence there is welcomed and appreciated just as much as it is here. I want to caveat by saying that though “war is imminent” or “military strikes are imminent” may be an idea or thought or belief that many [...]

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An Interesting Dialogue

Dear Friends, Doing a little Spring cleaning in the old inbox and I came across this partial portion of a message thread that had originally been started by one Arlan Feiles, singer/songwriter extraordinaire, a week or two prior during the holy week of Yom Kippur. Arlan, who as most people know is also a very passionate humanist and activist for peace [...]

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