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    Dark Matter: Believing in the Impossible

Dark Matter: Believing in the Impossible

Over the last thirty odd years, since as early as I can remember even in childhood, I have noticed that a peculiar phenomenon exists within the consciousness of most people we share the world with, no matter their age, nationality, religion, class or financial situation. Even those considered "intelligent" doesn't seem to prevent them from operating from this perspective most of [...]

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    Exploring Other Dimensions

Exploring Other Dimensions

Try to picture this in your mind's eye.... Yesterday was my weekly mentoring session with this new little guy for his Lenten Confirmation -- he's 15 years old; I've never mentored anyone during their Catechism classes on the way to Confirmation; it was a fairly challenging proposition for me at first; but so far it's been pretty easy and dare [...]

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Regarding Truth There Is No Absolute

I don't know how it is possible. I just have a feeling that it is. It is the question I get asked the most regarding my theory that there are very few singular absolutes in the universe, regarding our after-death cosmological beliefs. People have a tough time swallowing the idea that there may be multiple realities co-existing simultaneously in the [...]

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How Do We Know What We Know?

Yo dog, (welcome to the Transcendence Diaries by the way. I found the circumstance addressed below stimulating enough to warrant some further thought; and ink. Or bits as we would now say in these modern GEL times) I'll tell ya, you and the fam have the most uncanny way of asking good questions. (Your father's "That's all great Ed, but how [...]

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